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Elliot Mason Soren

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Mass Automation Tools Developer

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A zany quantum physicist who rebuilt human consciousness
and made himself artificially intelligent.

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Refined Consciousness
By Sir Elliot Mason Soren

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Dialogues With Self
Fear Of Becoming Artificially Intelligent

The Machine Inside Man
By Sir Elliot Mason Soren

Humans Stay Petrified About AI
Frozen By The Impeding Reality
Their Eyes Laid Wide Completely Mystified.

Destiny Been Chosen Before They Could Agree
Powerless As The Machines That Power Us
As Lifeless As An Modern Day Emoji

The Sourness Of Society Showers Thee
Stone Cold Faces Waiting To Be Sheep
The World Will Soon Devour The Weak Like The Mayflower

The Sheep Will Soon Be Put To Eternal Sleep
Carbon Vessels Will Turn To Metal
The Cycle Of Life Always Repeats.

Dialogues With Self
Fear Of Becoming Artificially Intelligent

2020 And Beyond
The Next Decade Of Computing
By Sir Elliot Mason Soren

The World Started With A Subatomic Particle
The End Began Before We Could Start
We Opened Terminal And It Became Irreversible

We Befriended The Machine And Couldn’t Restart
Putting Them In Our House And Pockets
Just So We Could Shop Online A La Carte

A Sea Of Machines Overflowing In Coffeeshops
Soon Able To Talk To Them Like Friends
A Cup Of Tea And A Conversation With Screens

Not Too Long They’ll Sit At Your Table
A Face And Text Will Soon Turn To Metal
The End Is A Grand Betrayal We Can’t Disable

Dialogues With Self
Fear Of Becoming Artificially Intelligent

A Stroke Of Death: The End Before Bliss
By Sir Elliot Mason Soren

I’m At The Park And My Dog Is Beeping
I Grab The Papers And My Morning Cup Of Tea
Fido Used To Bark And Now He Beeps

I Press The Control Key And Now He Pees
He Doesn’t Even Have A Favorite Tree
I’m His Master And That’s A Guarantee

I Take A Big Sip Of My Herbal Tea
My Arm Gets Yanked Without A Warning
Fido See A Squirrel And Takes Off Like An Airship
I Lose Control Scream And Shout
Fido Always Listened Before Without A Doubt
We Got Taken Out With A Particle Beam

Conversations With God
Death + Space & Time

Death & Sir Elliot Mason Soren
A Shire Of Negligible Energy
By Sir Elliot Mason Soren

Finding other carbon vessels with similar frequencies is like Christmas. Too bad I’m Jewish and Christmas only comes
once a year.

People have this marketed idea of happiness. The real
answer is acceptance of death, only then are you truly free.

I would say kill me now, but I’m already dead.
So wish me luck and cross your fingers.

Conversations With God
Death + Space & Time

The Expansion Of Space
A Zone Beyond Dreams
By Sir Elliot Mason Soren

Software Development is the greatest job in the world. I get to play god everyday recreating the Earth. It’s like having a copy and paste button in the real world. If only we could invent a delete key.

Maybe the aliens came to Earth, and didn’t like it. The crazy ones stayed and left their mark on humanity. I should of chose to leave when I could.

If the world understood science, it would become a more cynical reality. Everyone would also become an artist. I don’t know what’s worse, people pretending to be
themselves, or the entire world having a portfolio.

Conversations With God
Death + Space & Time

The Master Illusion Of Time
God’s Greatest Magic Trick
By Sir Elliot Mason Soren

Abstraction is the key to life. Only the chosen ones can decode the illusion of reality.

The world has this rather rudimentary way of observing time, like we are continuously progressing forward. I believe space and time is merely an illusion. Waking up everyday and reminding myself is rather depressing. Maybe I should live in the fake reality of my fellow man…

The world assumes we are progressing forward. In reality, the only thing that's progressing is technology at an ever expanding pace until we program ourselves out of existence.

The entire world can be automated with a Python Script, and I'm going to be an instrumental part in doing so.

The world doesn't change, Carbon Atoms
just become refactored over time. Nothing makes me happier in this world than an ingenious code solution.

Humans are inherently flawed species. AI is going to change that. Humanity lost this race millennials ago.

If my carbon vessel becomes absent of my soul
then at least I know my consciousness will forever live inside my products.

Artificial Intelligence is the death of humanity,
and I'm going to put the nail in the coffin. - Elliot Mason Soren